Cross-sell more outfits inside your store

Boost your in-store sales by making your Instagram looks shoppable with QR codes.

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Get bigger customer basket sizes

Boost sales and inspire shoppers in-store

Gomore bridges online outfit inspiration and in-store shopping for bigger baskets.

Create engagement with content in-store

Brings social media magic to your store

Connect online styles to in-store products with QR code tags for more try-ons and sales.

Stay ahead with fresh content

Gather first-party data insights

Understand and analyse in-store customer behaviour to optimise your store.

Stay ahead with fresh content

Aligned with your CX

Give shoppers a consistent CX aligned with your brand's online presence.

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How does Gomore work?

iPhone with QR code

Customers scan & discover

Instant outfit product discovery with a QR code on or near garments.

Style selector

Simple interface to link outfits to products

Your team can easily link social styling content to your garments to show on QR code inspiration web pages.

Analytics chart

Real-time insights

Optimize for greater conversions by understanding what customers want in-store.

Fresh shirt

Product data always up to date

Keep product data in sync with Gomore QR code inspiration web pages.

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How does Gomore's QR code system work?


How frequently can I update the content accessible through QR codes?


Is there any training or support offered for using Gomore?


Can Gomore be customised to fit my brand and store's unique needs?


How secure is the Gomore platform, and what about customer privacy?


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